Hyperion Monthly Update-February, 2019

New Product Launch & Product Updates

  1. Map3 Updates

Decentralized map service network Map3 is currently under performance test with the deployment of speed, topology and security optimization, to ensure the application will be working as expected under various conditions. Map3 benchmark result will be available in March.

To explore the applications of Map3 technology in global market, Hyperion team is currently under negotiation with countries who are interested in adopting decentralized technology to develop nation-level blockchain map. Please refer to Hyperion Forum for more official updates about the project applications.

Security Optimization

Speed Optimization

  1. Launch of Hyperion Forum

Hyperion Forum has been officially open for all Hyperion community members. The form will be used as the main open-communication channel for all users to share experience, answer inquiries, report bugs, and request features, in order to help Hyperion team improve product functions and services.

Community Growth

  1. Nodes Update

Since Map3 network introduced in Jan, 2019, more than 20 global users have registered their accounts via AWS to join the decentralized network, and deployed as edge nodes to provide free decentralized map service and maintain the network.

  1. Global Community Growth
    In Feb, Hyperion forum has published 35 bilingual (English and Mandarin) topics, covering Map3 user feedbacks, MapRush product experiences and cryptocurrencies market discussions, etc. 25 users have registered in the forum to join the discussions. In future, the forum will be the prioritized platform to launch the updates of products, projects, events and official news related. We welcome all existing and future members to initiate more interesting topics for open discussions, and invite more friends to join the forum to grow our decentralized community.

News Reports

In Feb 2019, Hyperion team’s progress in Map3 network updates, nodes deployment and the undergoing One Map technology applications have attracted global media’s attentions. Several media interviews have been arranged with team core members. 27 media platforms covering traditional and mainstream blockchain media have published Hyperion news and updates, including NetEase, Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu, etc.

Hyperion envisions the decentralized future

Hyperion has been striving for building a global decentralized MapChain ecosystem based on spatial consensus protocol, which will benefit 10 billion people in the world when achieving map autonomy. Everyone is empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the dencentralized world is built. Map3 MainNet is planned to be launched in Q3 2019, in the meantime Map3 network will continue to increase the number of nodes worldwide. We will go further steady and firm with all your expectations and support.

Hyperion Team