If You Receive 100 BTC accidentally, what would you do?

If you receive 100 BTC by accident, what would you do with them? Are you going to HODL or sell them all?

ha ha ha…I will contact the block ID who sent it to me…send him a “Thank you” card and HODL it…And just to be safe I will fire 3 to 4 body guards…lol

great, I’ll sell it to buy my dream car I guess, to make it seem more real. When I don’t need the car, I wil probably sell it to buy the BTC back, and make sure it won’t be acciently transferred to anyone else!!!

100 BTC? Around 300,000 USD? Ummmm… far from enough… lol, maybe I’ll change to ETH hhhh

oh man, if you fire 3 to 4 bodyguards, there is nobody left to protect you:joy:

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如果我有100个比特币, 现在也不怎么值钱。不过我会去开个杠杆做多

I am gonna tell the community that I would make a game for anyone want to get it. That must be very exciting.