Hyperion and JCJ Group Partner to Bring the World of Decentralized Map Service to Thailand

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Well, we’ve all been followed the industrial news for sometimes. Blockchain is increasingly becoming of interest for several sectors; the derived opportunities make it more than a technology to bypass traditional financial issuance intermediaries. The appeal of such has been reflected in a wide range of realms that are testing the feasibility of its use. Property is one of the areas that could possibly popularise the momentums. The Hyperion x JCJ Samui project caught my attention as one practical use case specialising in property structure and development.

Blockchain technology in Real-Estate

When talking blockchain in real-estate, applicational steps like legal contracts, financing, property trading are the foremost areas where people will see the adoptions landing. The application of distributed ledger technology (DLT) could possibly reduce the significant amount of friction and speed up mentioned activities.

Planning and development are two domains that are less likely to be mentioned but equally important. In the traditional market, property development is done mainly by developers whose past experience is heavily relied upon. The public is not involved in expressing their preferences. Well, isn’t that quite obvious? Maybe the residents there would desire for a makeup corner next to the bar or a separated changing area close to the beach. These are the often just question mark in our head or mouth talks; they won’t be realized unless it gets big. Developers take actions on reforms and updates only if they spot imperative demand arises.

However, the blockchain-based planning platforms might rewrite the planning process. What if architects envisage the planning by referring to accurate location-blockchain services to get clues a step ahead by involving community engagement and better integrating neighbourhood resources in the property development chain?

Let me get it straight. Basically, we are talking about a paradigm change. From commonly known benefits such as improvement in the property search process, provides more transparent due diligence and financial evaluation process, blockchain technologies helps out in areas we had yet to think about.
Coming to picturing the property layout, do developers still seek past experience? Perhaps yes, on a more general scale, components including a standard shopping mall, swimming pool and restaurant.

What if there is a way to foresee a more personalized demand, down to most favoured bars, most wanted manicure store, simply using the advanced crowdsourcing LBS? The crowdsource geospatial data map the customer’s trajectory in real-time so that developers could react agilely to the change in preference. The detailed statistics pinpoint customer needs: in combination with developers’ capability and available local resources, the integration would ultimately enable a tailored resort.
It sounds great when Hyperion offers the exclusive location-blockchain-based (LBS) service; their mechanism can continue to source decentralized data without breaching users’ privacy. And that’s why I wanna bring up the Hyperion x JCJ Samui project; the collaboration could be the first use case on the industry and create a sustainable ecosystem for service providers and tourists. I see nothing but mutual benefit for both companies, taking the first-mover advantage in this innovative collaboration.

Something about the project

Alright, just to brief you all something about the project. JCJ Samui portfolio spans two properties type, from an intimate, 14-key boutique villa to a fast-track, 46 apartment hotel rooms, and everything in between. JCJ resort located about 6km south of Koh Samui Airport, where millions of tourist flood in to this incredible, exotic island. Through the collaboration, JCJ group will make use of Hyperion’s decentralized map service to support the resort planning.
Just adding one more thing, in case you are unheard of the JCJ hotel group, it is a domestic boutique hotel brand that delivers a refreshing and inviting guests experience that is true, reflective of the local community. From the locally inspired neighbourhoods. JCJ offer travellers a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel experience with each bespoke property.
I personally very looking forward to seeing the project come to life, how about you?