What happened to the acquisition? – An overlook of the mapping industry

Well, I recently learned from the news that Hyperion Lab announces an agreement to be acquired by an Australian-based investing company [Is it that for investors?]

I looked up and did a little bit of online research, as refer, Auspacific Fund & Trust Management Co. Ltd is one key division of Oreana Financial Services with operations span globally. Being one investing division, this sounds very like a conglomerate acquisition, and I sense their intention to explore the decentralised mapping industry further. Indeed, it is smart to pick winners early and help them develop the business long before competitors and the market see the industry’s potential.

I will touch on why Hyperion Lab became the top-pick later, but let’s get a few things cleared

Why take over a decentralized map service provider?

The significance of the blockchain infrastructure

As any futurist, they have strong beliefs in the potential use case of the geospatial data on a global scale. To achieve that, investors need service providers to equip them with a stable and viable mechanism to accommodate and process valuable information.

Here, the decentralized map service provider’s cornerstone goes to its blockchain infrastructure, which effectively deals with statistics and produces valuable data. Successful adoption of location data will lever the birth of a significant scale of applications and outreach to many aspects of the market.

Hyperion is built on a solid supporting structure with its own blockchain supported Mainnet. Instead of being a sole service provider, it computes data on top of the open source map community and polish with diversified features.

Up-to-Date High Resolution Maps and Point of Interest (POI) are on Demand

There is high hope of high-resolution map data or POI that will provide a quick, easy and accurate way to populate the mapping project. Navigation, geo-gaming, advertising, the growing digitalization has made the request more critical than ever

Contemporary Map Industry Market Overview (Centralized / Decentralized)

It’s not hard to see the current map market is now a hubbub of adventurers and the overall segment generally cuts into two, with centralized and decentralized map service providers. Given the criticism of the centralized map services, it’s less responsive and dull in terms of changes and carries a high risk of data leakage/privacy breach. On the site of decentralized providers, OSM is short of data-handling capacity and finds it hard when facing a scalable market.(no incentive) A blockchain supported decentralized location provider, therefore, seems more workable. I found two explanatory articles on this


Apparently, a few players are trying to define the space. Neither of the counterparts owns self-build mainnet, both provide location services by drawing attention to the Ethereum network. Hyperion is somewhat taking a different approach to the global mapping on blockchain endeavors. Thanks to the three-layers consensus mechanism, self-build ecosystem, and forthcoming features, Hyperion grows with time and earns exclusivity on the market. A blockchain supported mechanism benefits users through crowd-built, crowd-share, and crowd-govern.That’s probably one shining point that drives international acquisition.

DeFi market outlook

The hype behind Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has drawn everyone’s attention with total value locked (TVL) spike over $10 billion in the Q3 of 2020. Well it’s another successful case on making use of shared resources, a financial ecosystem living digitally on a shared infrastructure with publicly accessible financial services provided. Tons of projects have landed on the DeFi ecosystem and gained much popularity, it is indeed worth to take a closer look at the on-chain operation

The business restructuring will bring no alternation to Hyperion’s existing project goal, meanwhile bringing a co-produced Hyperion Fund to the market. From 2021 onward, the joint hand established Hyperion Fund is expected to incubate more innovative on-chain Defi projects and carry further research on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperion ecosystem.