Hyperion (HYN) has officially listed on BISS

Global MapChain Hyperion (HYN) has officially listed on BISS – the world’s most advanced membership-based exchange and the first ever Crypto-to-Stocks and Crypto-to-Crypto trading platform. BISS aims to achieve efficient and secure trade of digital assets. Hyperion, as the largest MapChain in the globe, launched three map products based on the core value of “aggressively open” and “decentralized” — Map3, Titan and Atlas Chain. Map3 is the first decentralized map service network, 2B; Titan is the first decentralized privacy map, 2C; and Atlas chain is decentralized spatial protocol which supports both 2B and 2C world-scale map services on blockchain. Hyperion will launch Main Net in 2020 and increase global nodes to provide more secure and efficient map service.