A Guide to Titan Navigation

(Currently only available to Android users)
Pls check if your GPS is enabled in your device

  1. (If you are an existing Titan user, pls jump to step 3) On your Android phone or tablet, scan QR code from Google Play or Hyperion official website to download Titan App.

  2. New user is recommended to “allow” Titan to access the device location (use GPS on device only).

  3. For existing Titan users, pls open Titan App and update to the latest version

  4. Open new version and search for your destination.

  5. Choose your destiny from the dropdown menu, and click “Route”

  6. Choose one of the following, and press “Start”
    driving: image
    cycling: image
    walking: image

  7. To stop or cancel navigation, go to the bottom right and tap Close .

  8. When navigation completes, go to the left bottom and tap to delete location trace