Hyperion Partners with Harmony to Foster Global MapChain


Hyperion officially announces the mutual partnership with Harmony, a decentralized platform for scaling consensus, to upgrade the decentralized map infrastructure as scalable, stable, and secure for 10 billion of map users.

MapChain technology to solve Map Pain point

The map locational data has served daily commuters or travelers with great convenience. However, due to the nature of dispersive map data, and high retrieving cost of traditional map data service, with personal privacy leakage problems, user awareness has been focused on data reliability, accuracy and security. In addition, map data should keep updating with the rapid changing environment.

Harmony is dedicated to achieving “an Open consensus for 10 billion, Harmony for one and all”, a vision jointly shared with Hyperion One Map. Hyperion Team dedicates to build up the very first idea of One Map for the World, to converge the scattered Geospatial Information and metadata to one spatial data infrastructure.

Harmony team is building an open marketplace at Google-scale, while developing a highly-effective, low-cost, and scalable blockchain consensus on open Internet to support decentralized economy.

In this regard, Kai Law, co-founder of Hyperion, said: Harmony is one of the few teams in the world with superb development technology of decentralized protocol. The members have top technical background of FAANG’s as well as Ethereum-level blockchain technology knowledge, which is rarely seen. Therefore, Hyperion is looking forward to cooperating with Harmony to open a new continent in the blockchain world.”

Hyperion MapChain

As a MapChain project, Hyperion aims to bring a cost-effective method of map development and maintenance. Users will have access to secure, private, trusted and open map service, own the value of location data, and be rewarded through data contribution when Hyperion MapChain is built. So far, 108 nodes have participated Hyperion decentralized map network Map3, serving over 2,780,625 requests globally. The number of Hyperion global community has reached 72,809 by the end of March.