Hyperion Announces Harmony as Official Partner

Hyperion officially works with Harmony, a decentralized platform for scaling consensus, to foster a next-generation high-performance blockchain protocol for Hyperion MapChain. This collaboration brings the talent from both sides together to research, share knowledge and ideas to build a consensus mechanism which is scalable and provides stable, secure use for billions of decentralized map users. Founder & CEO of Harmony, Dr. Stephen Tse,is a talented blockchain infrastructure practitioner and experienced entrepreneur. He was a senior infrastructure engineer at Google, a principal engineer for search ranking at Apple, and technology lead for Apple Maps. He founded the mobile search Spotsetter which was acquired by Apple later. In this regard, Kai Law, co-founder of Hyperion, said: Harmony is one of the few teams in the world with superb development technology of decentralized protocol. The members have top technical background of FAANG’s as well as Ethereum-level blockchain technology knowledge, which is rarely seen. Therefore, Hyperion is looking forward to cooperating with Harmony to open a new continent in the blockchain world.”